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Revival is change, and with that change will come opposition.  God is for change and His ways are higher than our ways.  Not everyone will understand what God is doing and will try to resist the change that God is bringing.  This site will give you the material to help you answer the critics.      Revival is an awesome responsibility.  Let us be good stewards of God's revival.


   "Defending God's Revival?"   An article by Gil HB.

    "Counterfeit Revival"     Book Review on Hank Hanegraaf's attack on the revival/renewal movement by James Beverley as taken from Christianity Today home page. Click here for the full text.   "Hank Hanegraaff's long-awaited book relies on old data and leaves false impressions. " 

An excerpt from the review.   "... it is a misleading, simplistic, and harmful book, marred by faulty logic, outdated and limited research, and nasty misrepresentation of key charismatic leaders. Unlike many, I do not question Hanegraaff's motives, but his zeal has blinded him from taking the path of principled Christian discourse.

Counterfeit Revival is an indictment composed of hundreds of specific assertions about individuals and groups. These claims cannot be accepted or rejected in toto; each must be weighed on its merits. In the scope of this review, it is possible only to give representative examples of Hanegraaff's failure to take account of evidence that contradicts his sweeping claims. Read On

  A Gentleman's Response to Hank Hanegraaff

by R.T. Kendall  (Pastor of Westminster Chapel, London for 20 years)

Bobby Ripp's apology for his criticism of the move of God. He was actively engaged in promoting anti-revival literature and had made a stance against Rodney Howard-Browne, Toronto and Brownsville.

Testimonies of people touched by God through the revival. . We are building this database of testimonies, for all to see the deeper purpose of this current revival and it's impact on the lives of Christians. Many come depressed, suicidal, dependent on medication and counseling, and get gloriously set free. These testimonies will bless and encourage you. Read on.

Touched by the Fire  Read the compelling testimony of missionaries to the Philippines, Jim & Nancy Urban. It is a story of two people who gladly answered the call of God to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to a nation where poverty is rife. But as in thousands of cases, burnout, and ministerial pressure, took a toll on their marriage and ultimately on the effectiveness of their call. Read how their unusual experience healed their marriage and dramatically changed their ministry.

Recommended Reading List, contains a list of books by various authors which will provide the reader with information about the current revival and it's critics. We will be adding to this selection from time to time.

Stay on Target with these Great Revival Sites. The fires of revival rage on in an ever increasing circle. Millions are being impacted by it and thousands are going to make heaven because of it. God is on the move by the power of the Holy Ghost, and no man can stop it. " Revival is God's direction and man's reception !!

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