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Introduction To The Ministry
The ministry of Gil and Loraine Howard-Browne Born in South Africa and called by God as evangelists to this great nation, the U.S.A. My wife and I and our two children have been traveling in the United States, Canada and South Africa, for 18 years, holding revival services. We do between 150 and 250 meetings per year and have been in about 350 churches in eight countries.   We have held revivals in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Philippines, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Australia and South Africa. Our ministry is called "Times of Refreshing Ministries" and is based on Acts 3:19 "... when times of  refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord." Our offices are in Tampa, Florida. God has called us to take revival  to churches both large and small. We have held revivals, not only in denominational and independent Pentecostal churches, but in various mainline churches as well, including Southern Baptist, Episcopalian, and United Methodist. We are delighted to go anywhere that the Holy Spirit leads us, believing that every Christian, regardless of denominational background, needs a personal and life-changing encounter with God." The emphasis in our meetings is praise and worship and preaching the word of God with signs following.  We see the demonstration of the Holy Spirit's power in each meeting, as He ministers  to His people. We see many signs and wonders and miracles taking place and have numerous testimonies of miracles of change.  ie. people healed from depression, suicidal tendencies, hatred, marriages saved, physical healing's and new zeal and vision for God.  Many pastors have been greatly touched. Some were at the point of quitting the ministry and got so mightily touched in the meetings that it changed their ministry. We recently launched our latest project  www.encourageme.tv  The name speaks for itself.  We use video clips for teaching on various topics as well as using places, or things as anologies to teach a biblical principle.  Also, new to our Internet Ministry is EncourageMe Blog, Video on Demand and Worship Podcast
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