Index to Testimonies
This section contains the testimonies of people touched in the revivals we have conducted in the USA and elsewhere. We felt the
need to share these with you since they speak of the fruit of the revival. This is what God is doing through the joy people experience
in the revival meetings.
All are active members of local churches. For purposes of privacy, we have omitted their last names.
: As the meetings went on, the Holy Spirit poured out His anointing; the increase of anointing in people’s
lives was evident.
: A Pastors Testimony.
I knew that the "anointing had destroyed the yokes" of depression and hurt. I am a completely different person and pastor.
 "Touched by the Fire"
As we walked through the doorway to Gil's meeting the worship had already started and heaven just fell on my wife Nancy. She groaned for two days and then
laughter came day and night for the rest of the week. Immediately the Lord spoke to her and said "Your husband is not the problem." Somebody in the
Philippines had put a curse on us and God was setting us free. Immediately she was changed. In fact she fell in love with me in an amazing new way. Our
marriage has been wonderful since that day in 1994.
He has drawn me into daily worship time with Him. It is most precious to me. I long for His presence like never before. The love
I feel for His children and for the lost is greater than ever.
I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! For the first time in my life, I knew that God really loved me. I didn't have to jump through hoops or live a perfect life for Him to
love me. He just loved me.
I began to praise God all over again. I laughed, I cried, I sang, and I shouted! I was free! ..... Today, my marriage is stronger and more wonderful than ever! My
husband and I are ministering together as worship leaders.
The result was that I was totally and completely transformed--as if I had passed from death to life. I felt like a teenager in love. All that mis-directed love I had
had for my husband (who did not love me) was directed to Jesus!
I received full documented healing of hypothyroidism over a time period of several months and am off all medication. I no longer have medical bills. My heart
was healed.
The refreshment to my life through these revival meetings has resulted in no more hospital treatments. I've not taken any more
anti-depressants. I've not wanted to take my life. I now have something for which to live. My marriage has been strengthened
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