Times of Refreshing Ministries

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Testimony from Pastors Alan & Cherie Bignell :

For the past 5 years, my husband and I have been pioneering Restoration Life Church, in Battle Creek, Michigan. We have purposed to establish a church where the Holy Spirit truly is welcomed as Lord. Although this has been a thrilling adventure, it has been very slow and laborious.

Up to this time, only part of our local body has personally experienced the river of God’s Glory. Most had never laughed or been drunk on the new wine, some had never experienced a physical manifestation of glory of the Lord, and many had never been saturated by the anointing enough to be lost in God’s presence. That is until we had extended meetings (12 in a row) with Gil Howard-Browne.

Bro. Gil, ministering to us with full confidence in God and definite fruit of the Spirit, established a corporate expectation for God to move. From the very first meeting, the majority of the church was swept up by the river of God, laughing, weeping, lying on the floor, shaking, & soaking.

As the meetings went on, the Holy Spirit poured out His anointing; the increase of anointing in people’s lives was evident. People who never laugh, laughed spontaneously. Children were blanketed with the sweet, heavy blanket of the anointing, laying motionless for good lengths of time. Several children laughed for an hour or more, without stopping.

We had some time of absolute holy silence, not a sound was heard, not a movement. Both my husband and myself went into a trance **, the weight of God’s glory being so heavy.  

Spontaneous physical healings have been reported, and many have said that they are experiencing a renewed zeal and fire for God. The leadership testified that ministry is so easy, it’s as if the labor is gone out of it.

Even after Bro. Gil left, there is an awesome excitement in the congregation. There is a renewed heart for the lost and many are testifying to unsaved family, neighbors and friends.

It’s like we are in a dream.

** (The book of Acts speaks about a "trance" which comes from the word "extasis" meaning "a displacement of the mind" ie: Acts 10 . . .  Peter fell into a trance, during which the Lord spoke to him in a vision. )

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