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Revival is God’s direction for man’s reception
By Gil Howard-Browne

When an Immortal God visits mortal man, something big will happen

A few years ago, we had  just completed forty four meetings in 36 days in London, Ontario, Augusta Georgia, and Winchester Virginia, and had seen God do some wonderful things in the lives of people. A woman (not born again), who came to an aerobics class at a church where we were holding revival, was invited to go directly to the meeting in progress. The Holy Ghost came upon her strongly, and she got filled with holy laughter. She had been extremely depressed and beat down through years of marital abuse. Her husband had recently died and left her penniless. 

As she staggered out of the meeting, greatly uplifted and very intoxicated, she wanted to know what had happened to her. The lady who invited her, told her that God had visited her to show her how much He loved her. She immediately said that she wanted to come back the next night.

The next night, she got an even greater touch from God, and lay on the floor laughing for about an hour. Then she sat up and began to cry. I walked over to her and sat on the floor and asked her if she had ever committed her life to Christ. She said no, and I led her in the prayer of salvation. She cried / laughed her way to salvation as she met the Master. What a change came over her countenance.

The point I am trying to make here is that God is God, and He can use any method He chooses to reach a lost and dying world. Many object to the disorder of revival, but we have seen great fruit in the lives of people who have been touched in the 2,200 meetings we have done over the past 7 years. Similar things happen in every church we go to.

The revival has caused a stir, both positive and negative, all over the world. It has blessed many, frightened some, and bewildered others. When the "devout and God fearing" Jews (Amp), witnessed the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2, they reacted with astonishment, bewilderment, amazement, and were confounded and in doubt, at what they saw. Some thought the disciples were drunk and mocked them.

We can debate this passage all we want, but the fact is that the upper room experience was of such a magnitude that it grabbed the attention of the masses. The bible says, when it was noised abroad, the multitude came together. We know that God was working supernaturally, because 3,000 souls got saved that day. (Acts 3:41)

Revival is an attention getter. It will shock people out of their tradition, lethargy, complacency and doubt and unbelief. In the process, there will be those who question whether it be of God or not. In the bible, one such a man was Job. He said in Job 42:2 "I know that You can do all things..." Most Christians will admit that God can do all things. Job continues ".. and that no thought or purpose of Yours can be restrained or thwarted." Again, most Christians will agree with that statement. Nothing can stop God’s plan and purpose from being carried out. But as long as it is contained in writing and remains a profound thought, it is acceptable. As long as man controls the words spoken or written about the power of God, it is ok. But when God manifests Himself to His people, it becomes a different matter.

God’s reply to Job is a rebuke. "Who is this that darkens and obscures counsel (by words) without knowledge?" Words without knowledge, speaks to me of ignorance. There are many who are ignorant of God’s ways, who are trying to direct His kingdom. Job’s confession is "Therefore (I now see) I have (rashly) uttered what I did not understand, things too wonderful for me, which I did not know." Don't rashly utter what you do not understand. You may receive a rebuke from God. The things God is doing in the earth today, are too wonderful for us to fully comprehend.

My prayer is, "Lord, send the flood. Make it impossible for people to doubt Your works. Let the Glory flow over every church and denomination in the world, so that there can be no excuses. Let the world see "things too wonderful to comprehend" coming from You to them.

God bless you. Gil and Loraine Howard-Browne

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