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Copyright © 1997 / 2010 All rights Reserved No portion of this site may be copied or transmitted without express written permission from Times of Refreshing Ministries. Web design & Hosting by : Dr Caroline Leaf, Author, Metacognitive Communication Pathologist and learning specialist and Director of Switch on Your Brain.  Since 1981, Caroline Leaf has researched the human brain with particular emphasis on unlocking its vast untapped potential in order to help people. From her research she developed the Geodesic Learning ® theory (brain-compatible learning) which is a scientifically and statistically proven approach to thinking, teaching and learning. She has also developed the unique Metacognitive-Mapping Approach ® as a learning tool and she has presented her learning theory and Metacognitive-Map ® courses to more than 80,000 students and adults in South Africa. She has published articles in academic journals and consumer magazines and has been widely interviewed in newspapers, on radio and on television about her research and theories. Her research began on clients that had Closed Head injuries and through the limited use of some of the techniques they were able to go further in life and achieve academic and job success. This research and the results encouraged her to study and practice further culminating in a successful private practice and the formation of the company ‘Switch on Your Brain’ and the writing of several books including ‘Switch on Your Brain’ which is rated ‘in the Top 100 books in South Africa’ (Nielsen) Caroline’s passion for the brain has known no bounds and she researches many brain related articles and sites annually. She frequently lectures at various conferences both secular and Christian on diverse topics relating to optimal brain performance. e.g. · stress, · toxic thoughts, · strongholds and · controlling your thought life, · Male/Female brain differences, · thinking and learning, · wisdom and the application thereof and · how to identify and use one’s gifting. She also presents her research and Learning courses on national television in South Africa. Caroline has the unique ability to link the scientific principles of the brain to emotional and intellectual issues in a simple and practical way. It is her passion to free people from their mental constraints and recognize their gift within. Caroline is married to Mac, a Property Developer in South Africa, and is the mother of four children. TV Interview with Dr Caroline Leaf. Part One Part Two