Linda-Gail - raised in satanism, get’s saved and healed from stomach cancer. Her husband has deaf ear healed.
WOW!!! What an awesome three weeks of revival meetings in Grayling Michigan, with pastor Patty Petrie.   Heavens gates opened each night and God rained down His glory.  There were significant breakthroughs each meeting as God reached down to touch sick and hurting people.   As always, there is not enough space to list all that God did, but there were some notable miracles of healing. A couple who were born again two months ago, came to the meeting on Monday night. She came forward for the altar ministry, and God gave her an awesome word and the power of God literally dumped her on the floor.   She lay for about one hour and finally got up and told us God had healed her. She had been suffering for about a week from a stomach condition that the doctors considered serious.   In fact they suspected stomach cancer. But God had removed all pain. After the meeting, she went to eat at the pastors house and was able to eat without pain and retain it.   They went home rejoicing.   The couple were so excited because God had also healed her husbands deaf ear.  She walked about for a long time saying "Can you hear me now? ... Can you hear me now?" to test his hearing. This is an amazing testimony of God's miraculous intervention. Having suffered abuse in a satanic ritualistic home at the hands of satanist high priests parents, she ran away from home at the age of 12 and met a young man who took care of her and eventually they married.   After 30 years of marriage, they decided to end their lives by jumping of a bridge. Pastor Patti had written them a letter inviting them to church. They came and got gloriously saved. About a month later we were scheduled to hold a revival at the churh in Grayling.  The pastor invited Linda and her husband to attend.  It was an absolute joy to witness the ongoing saga of God's intervention in their lives during the three week revival. Her mom and dad get saved. This lady had been raised in a satanic coven by parents who were high priests in a satanic church and she had witnessed many bad things taking place in the church and to her.  Because of all the ritualistic abuse and suppressed emotions she had to endure as a child, God had to work a miracle in her life. The next night, she cried loudly for about 30 minutes, then the laughter hit her and continued through the rest of the meeting and into the early hours of the morning.   At the next morning meeting, she testified that she had never been allowed to cry or laugh and had been punished by her satanic high priest parents. But God unleashed the floodgates of emotional healing and blessed her beyond her wildest expectations. On Wed. night, the fire of God burned the satanic symbols branded into her feet and stomach.   It has been awesome to witness the work in progress.   Satanist high priest & wife get saved... We baptised her on the Friday night and instead of standing up she fell out under the power and we had to hold her up out of the water. Three of us helped to get her out of the baptisimal font and she lay on the changing room floor for about 30 minutes. The following week her father and mother, high priests in a satanistic coven for over 60 years, came to her house to do incantations and throw satanic paraphenalia on her lawn. She boldly stood on the porch and declared "You are wasting your time.   My house is covered by the blood of Jesus and what you are doing, will not work"  They left and the next day she got a call from he dad. He broke down crying and she led him in a prayer of salvation and he confessed Jesus as Lord and that his sins were washed in the blood of Jesus. The next day he removed satanic symbols and a pentagram that hung in the foyer of his house. His wife was really angry.  The daughter drove 1 1/2 hours to see them and led her mom to the Lord. Within days they piled up all their satanic paraphanalia and burned them. The father said his cheeks were sore because he had never smiled so much in his life. They later led an uncle, aunt and cousin to the Lord.  Unfortunately, they had to flee from the angry members of their coven.  I was concerned that without a church home, they would not get the help as newborn babes in Christ.  The family persuaded them that they had an emotional experience and they have since denied their decision to give their lives to Christ.  There is much prayer needed for this family as it cannot be easy to break from a 60 year tradition of serving the devil.  Please pray for Linda G and her husband.  She has a wonderful testimony and we are believing God to use her to touch the lives of many. They are only 5 months old in the Lord.   She wrote a Christmas play which the church will do this year.  There are a lot of curses being placed on her and channeling by the satanists to try to hurt her. But we know the power of God is greater and that greater is He that is in her than he that is in the world. God will make a way for her and her husband, where there is no way.
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