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Australia South Africa 8 Cities 89 Meetings 163 Cities 3,550 meetings 14 Cities 100 Meetings. Darwin  5 meetings  Manilla  3 Meetings Cebu City - 16 Meetings 4 Cities 8 meetings 6 Cities 45 Meetings 2 Cities 14 Meetings 1 City 5 Meetings Click the Country  Name to View Click the Country  Name to View CANADA USA Sweden Norway Scotland Germany Hong Kong 7 Churches 13 Meetings Philippines 3,500 meetings in ... 163 USA Cities  and 39 International Cities   Click to view Revival Map
Revival is alive and well, and coming to a church near you. We have provided this map, to enable you to get a graphical view of revival world wide. Acts 2:15 "n the last days .... I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh. " The exciting aspect of this revival is that it is spreading without man's organization. No one planned it, or coordinated it. The Spirit of God has performed it by the direction of Jesus Christ Himself, under the supervision of a Loving Heavenly Father. When the world needed judgement, God sent blessing and refreshing. Click on a country on the map above to see what God is doing through our ministry. Some of the links do not work, this indicates countries that we have not yet travelled to. God bless you.
These are the Countries and Cities  God has sent us to hold revival Meetings. Some cities we have been back to multiple times.     
USA - 163 Cities   :  International - 39 cities  :  3,600 meetings
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Click the Country
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