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 "Physical Manifestations - Flesh or Spirit?" e-Book (electronic book) for immediate download after purchase.   $3.50  Instant Download
Author : Gil Howard-Browne, has travelled the world holding revival meetings for the past 22 years and has done nearly 3,700 meetings, in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, UK, USA and Canada.  The Subject of the book : What happens when the Power of an Almighty God touches the hearts and souls of mortal man.   Is the power of God tangible.  Can we experience the supernatural power of God in this natural world?   As a teaching manual it will throw some much needed light on the subject of the Power of God in action in the lives of believers.
Table of Contents Introduction   : The supernatural in the Bible. Chapter 1       :  Physical Manifestations ...   Flesh or Spirit ? Chapter 2       :  The FLESH vs the SPIRIT Chapter 3       :  The Difference between the Flesh, the Devil and God? Chapter 4       :  Some manifestations of the Spirit Chapter 5       :  Holy Spirit Order Chapter 6       :  Gold dust, doves, diamonds and other manifestations.
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