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Rivers of Worship My first Keyboard Instrumental Music.  70 Mins. Long. This it a compilation of the original 3 cassettes made during the 90’s
Lost in His Glory  5 Prophetic Songs that came by inspiration of the Holy Spirit and were recorded real time without edits.  They will greatly encourage you
Streams of Peace Keyboard Instrumental Music.  (42 minutes)  Recorded in 2009. Great to listen to at work, or while you pray, read the word or during ministry time. Listen to a Sample - Click Play
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Sow The Seed 16 Songs that Gil wrote about 25 years ago. Almost every line of each song is a scripture from the Bible and will build your faith. 
His Awesome Presence 52 minutes of Worship recorded live at various Revival Meetings.   There is healing virtue, victory, joy, peace, love and an abundance of God’s blessings to be enjoyed while listening to this CD (Listen to a Sample - Click Play)
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Listen to a Sample
Listen to a Sample
Listen to a Sample
Listen to a Sample
Listen to a Sample
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Rivers of Worship Lost  in His Glory Get all FIVE CD’s  for $35 US  -  $50 Intl. (Shipping Included) CD - SPECIAL
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Rivers of Worship Lost  in His Glory